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our investment plans

12% daily for 12 days10% daily for 20 days300% after 25 days800% after 55 days
Min Deposit: $12Min Deposit: $50Min Deposit: $3000Min Deposit: $5000
Max Deposit: $1200000Max Deposit: $1200000Max Deposit: $1200000Max Deposit: $1200000
Total Payout: 144%Total Payout: 200%Total Payout: 300%Total Payout: 800%
Fast WithdrawalsFast WithdrawalsFast WithdrawalsFast Withdrawals
Referral bonus: 5%-2%-1%Referral bonus: 5%-2%-1%Referral bonus: 5%-2%-1%Referral bonus: 5%-2%-1%

Welcome to 12PROFIT INC!

12PROFIT INC is a British company that specializes in several types of commercial activity.

We successfully trade at stock exchanges, making deals on purchasing and selling securities and stocks with a focus on futures contracts. We also actively place its own assets at the Forex market.

Aside from the above-mentioned business spheres, for the past three years, 12PROFIT INC has been actively and successfully developing cryptocurrency trading, increasing the flow of investments thanks to the successful speculative transactions at the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and offering consulting services to third companies.

Cooperating with us at the level of this online service signifies new opportunities in the field of receiving a stable passive income regardless of the external factors. Safety of investments, forecastability of the processes, and the predictability of the received profit are the three main advantages of our company when it comes to cooperating with potential investors based on our online resource.

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